Why Trade Forex

trade forex

Forex Trade

Foreign exchange is the world’s largest financial market, and has been available to retail traders since 1999. This new and exciting global market offers opportunities unavailable in other categories.

24-hour market

trade online

Trade on your own schedule, 24 hours a day, during normal market hours whenever the markets are open (Sunday 17:15 to Friday 16:30 Eastern Time)

Low transaction costs

No commissions on trades, Forex Broker is compensated through a portion of the bid / ask spread.

Flexible leverage

Up to 100:1

Market volume helps facilitate price stability

With an average turnover of $4.0 trillion per day, Forex is the most traded market in the world

(Source: Bank for International Settlements, April 2010)
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Please note: In the off-exchange, also called the over-the-counter market, a retail customer trades directly with a counterparty and there is no exchange or central clearing house to support the transaction.