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Generally, a stock market index measures the value of various economic sectors of a stock market, by comparing their market share in relation to each other. Usually the price or market value of any stock market is calculated by taking a weighted average price of a number of selected stocks. All types of market players including individual investors and asset managers use this information to understand where the growth sectors are, and measure performance. Some Indices like the S&P 500 have many different versions that measure many different market sectors providing one of the strongest indicators of a country’s overall economy.

By trading CFD Indices, individual investors are able to diversify and hedge effectively during strong market volatility. Forex Brokers knows how important trading in CFD Indices to our clients when building a string investment portfolio.. Take advantage of global trends, and market sentiment by trading the majors Indices with us. Forex Brokers offers all the major global indices, including the NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE, CAC as well as many others.

Advantages of Trading Indices with Forex Broker

  • Daily Global Market Analysis
  • Trade Indices with 1:100 Leverage
  • Top Notch Execution & Tightest Spreads
  • Trade anytime through Multiple Platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Flexibility of trading fixed spread on Indices or variable ECN spread