Advanced trading techniques

Advanced trading techniques

Forex Rollover

Overnight Positions

What is a "Rollover" and how is it calculated? Rollover is the fee which is based on the swap rate for the underlying currency pair, and is accrued or charged at midnight if you have...
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Calculating the profit/loss from positions in MetaTrader 4

There are no net positions in MetaTrader 4, and trades are classified as opening and closing trades. Opening trades are displayed as separate positions, regardless of the fact that their net amount is equal...
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Calculating average price and profit/loss in Delta Trading

It is important that each client knows and understands how their trading affects the result (profit/loss) from a position and the account equity. There are three main methods for calculating the average price price...
Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis- forex trading

Technical Analysis on Global Markets

Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis Without the apparatus for making sense of the currency market, any trade represents a pure gamble. There are two basic methods of analysis, which can be used independently of each other for...